Playable Races

Common Races

The following races are playable in Hypho campaigns. Humans and Dwarves are the most common adventuring races. Goblins are common, but few have the wits and strength to adventure and travel among the hominid races. Fey often make good adventuring races, but most fey are very rare.



Fey all began as another sentient race, such as human or dwarf. Magic shaped them in some way to be distinct from their race of ancestry or birth, although the differences are often small. For example, a dwarven vampire is still a dwarf.

There are many kinds of fey in Hypho, and most are described in the Monster Index. Those which may be used as characters are listed here.

For most fey, start with the stats for a Variant Human, and replace the feat provided with the respective fey’s ability. Some fey abilities, such as the vampire’s bite, may be taken as feats later when contextually appropriate.


Playable Races

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