Most classes are available in some manner in Hypho, but keep in mind that the way magic works in Hypho makes some of these classes more difficult to fit in than others. Rather than providing a line-by-line banlist, use this page as a guideline when selecting a class. Also included below are a few “homebrew” class paths that have been pre-authorized for the setting.

General Notes

- All magic in Hypho follows the same basic laws. Remember, magic in this setting is basically impersonal and unintelligent, a quality of the physical laws of the universe. Classes that normally derive their magic indirectly require some conceptual adaption to make sense for the setting. For example, clerics should be treated more like sorcerers with a different spell selection.

- Bards, Druids and Warlocks are particularly difficult for the setting and won’t usually be accepted without a compelling justification that fits Hypho’s lore.

- Some classes with spell casting abilities may be further limited by spell bans. Avoid spells with novel or “intelligent” effects, like Rope Trick or Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion.

Approved Class Customizations

Mechamancy arcane tradition
Magitech Hero martial archetype


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