Sorrowing Sands

Sorrowing Sands follows a group of prisoners freed from their bonds by a savage storm as they attempt to reclaim and exceed their former glory. Characters from other persuasions join them, interested in various ways in the exploits that began that fateful day at sea.

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Making Characters

Characters for Sorrowing Sands follow all the general campaign setting requirements. When making new characters, please use 27 or fewer points with the point buy calculator, and do not exceed 15 on any one stat when doing the point buy.

Characters for this campaign are granted one modest “unique feature” that may be a small deviation from the rules. These unique features can be rare in the setting but should still fit conceptually.

New characters currently start at level 2.


Sorrowing Sands is a play-by-post campaign. Short chapters, such as a dungeon sequence, may be done in real time over skype and with Maptools at the consent of the players. Please see the campaign guide on RPOL for posting instructions.


Loud: A sailor with a legendary firearm bound closely to his soul. He casts ferocious magic through his gun, and flees persecution from those he once called family. Don’t expect him to remember your name.

Seven: A golem of remarkable craftsmanship and unknown origins. She carries many burdens for her friends, but has difficulty with buoyancy. Seven seeks the greatest known beast of the sea, the monolithic Kraken.

Dalton: A modest fellow with a bizarre condition that causes metal around him to ignite in flame – sometimes intentionally, sometimes less so. Doctors remain vexed, so he quests for an answer. He’s often distracted or sleepy when there isn’t fire involved.

Vincent: A former Sopidean embassy guard with a particular interest in the military application of golems and enchanted armor.

Puca (On Hiatus): A tall woman of many masks. She casts subtle magics, and her five masks augment both her personality and abilities.

Adventure Logs

Chapter 2
Chapter 1

NPCs and Locations

Maria Sandoval: A warden charged with caretaking prisoners between Sopidean colonies and the mainland. Large, strong, and stern, she carries two revolvers and knows how to use them.

Louis Iddan: First mate of the now sunken Bloodhound Betty and devout Solarian. A wiry, uptight woman who’s quick to anger and quick to her gun. Her nerves have been terribly frayed since the loss of her captain.

Utu: The quiet type. A diminutive man, Utu went to prison for a crime related to a terrible lie. In penance for the lie, he refuses to speak.

Marconi: A potent caster held in high security confinement. Cusses.

Ruby Irving: Junior Ambassador at the Sopidean Embassy in Undershore. Tried to sell Seven to foreign spies.

Sorrowing Sands

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