Vampires are individuals with a specific parasite. The parasite lodges itself in the soul of the host, producing magic from blood. The host grows fangs and exhibits a fierce desire to drink blood. A vampire who fulfills this desire is typically rewarded with a surge of magical stamina from the nourished parasite.

Becoming a vampire grants a special ability, listed below. Players wishing to play a vampire as a Playable Race may take this ability as a feat in addition to their race of birth.

Vampire Bite: You gain an unarmed bite attack with finesse. The damage of this bite attack is equivalent to the unarmed attack damage of a monk of the same level or challenge rating. You may use this attack any time you’d normally use an unarmed attack.

Any time you damage a creature that has blood with this attack, you may spend hit dice to recover hit points as if you had just completed a long rest.

As long as you’re a vampire, you may not gain hitpoints through any means, including long rests, unless you have already damaged a creature that has blood using this attack that same day.


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