spoke she on mountain high
that we would walk, then we would fly
to be one with stars above
forever in her burning love
Hymn of the Spire

Ruler: Emperor (Miren Yale), state governors, imperial council
Population: Large
Languages: Mostly Imperial, some Mareshi
Religions: Mostly Solarian
Economy: Weapon and technology exports, minerals

Fire and fortune unite the patriotic people of Sopidea. The empire spans several states and several islands, and while the emperor has more power than any individual, each governor rules according to local statutes and a council mediates the actions of the emperor.

Sopidea has the largest and best trained military force on Hypho, supported by strong industry and a thriving economy. The average Sopidean enjoys a robust quality of life and extensive civil rights.

Forests cover much of the mountainous islands Sopideans call home. Castles of black granite and log cabins have been the architecture of choice for centuries.

A significant majority of Sopideans are Solarian, although Spire is the only state with an official religion, and religious freedom is legally enforced in every state.



Spire – A theocratic state and center of the Solarian faith.

Yon Don

Longcrest – A northwest state linking Sopidea and Mareth. Several rail lines converge before bridging the gaps between nations, and Longcrest enjoys the economic boons of trade between them. The newer of Sopidea’s two large universities, Railhouse University, resides near the border.




Miren Yale, the Heart Pyre, Empress of Embers, Who Drew Fire from Blood, rules Sopidea. Miren took her titles in a contentious step up from her role as a leading general in the Soulfire Wing. Miren’s fierce pragmatism often puts her at odds with the Orthodox, though she professes to be faithful to the phoenix. She gained notoriety early in her military career for her unflinching leadership and for her personal combat prowess.

Darren Goldenfield governs the mountainous Baro state, including Sopidea’s capital city. Darren is vocally critical of both Spire’s theocracy and of Miren’s militant aggression. Darren came to power through expansive economic deals and industrial stimulus. He is widely believed to be Miren’s closest competition for the throne, although the two often ally over domestic issues.

Crios VII, Phoenix Feather, the Bishop of Spire, governs the theocratic citystate of Spire and claims final authority in the Solarian Church. Spire takes its name from a single enormous rock which the Orthodox took as its fortress seat. A glass observatory resides at the top, where the Bishop of Spire manages faith and state alike.

Talos Ven-Rugen currently manages the Soulfire Wing, Sopidea’s elite special forces.


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