Terran Faith

According to the Terran Faith, mankind began its journey adrift an endless sea. When Terra saw that many of her children were not happy on the water, she raised islands to give them a new home.

Terran is common on Hypho, especially among rural communities and in Mareth. It has no central organization or authority, instead being practiced according to the principles of local communities. Terran temples are typically modest.

Terran teachings center around harmony and compatibility. Fish flourish in the sea, birds flourish in the sky, hominids flourish on the land. Most Terrans believe that just as the body returns to the earth, it is natural for the soul to return to the magical flow and nourish Gaea.

Solarian Church

Gaea give us land,
Phoenix give us flight,
and if our hearts go cold,
raise us to the stars tonight

The Terran Church teaches that Gaea lifted mankind from sea to land. The Solarian take the next step, and claim mankind is destined to be taken from land to the stars, under stewardship of the Phoenix. Hundreds of thousands profess their faith in the Phoenix, making the Solarian the largest religion of Hypho.

Belief in an immortal soul is common (and canonical), but not universal, in Solarian teachings. The orthodox claims that souls are ushered by the Phoenix into the heavens to be among the stars. Older beliefs, derived from Terran, related the soul to a flame; beautiful but fleeting, extinguished, but one day to be reborn from embers.

Solarian temples are built to impress, with winged steeples soaring towards the heavens and glass ceilings revealing the sun and stars.


Unitism is a small, modern religion most commonly found in Savren. It is loosely organized and only vaguely spiritual, focusing more on lifestyle guidelines and philosophical discussion. The central idea of Unitism is that all good emerges from things coming together.


Like Unitism, Simlam is more philosophical than overtly metaphysical. It asserts that reality is the product of asymmetry and imbalance. A balanced system sits motionless – only imbalance and change can result in life. Simlam monks teach acceptance of imperfection. At its worst, Simlam is distorted as an argument for classism; at its best, Simlam encourages tolerance and generosity.

Goblin Asceticism

Goblins have a cultural history of violence and aggression. Some time ago, a keen minded goblin sought to control his impulses. He succeeded, and became a renowned warrior even beyond goblin lands. Goblin ascetics, who follow in his footsteps, do not reject violence – they reject the passions. Adherents believe in the value of strength, survival of the fittest, and view surrendering to your emotions as a weakness. While only a handful of goblins have the discipline to follow the tenets, most recognize the brutal lethality of the true followers. Goblin asceticism is practiced by some dwarves and humans as well, though rarely, and most of the major nations view it as a bizarre radicalization of goblin barbarism.


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