Imperial - Common language, spread across most hominid lands during the Savren Unity. Akin to English.

Mareshi - Traditional language of Mareth. Spoken fluently by about half of the Mareth population, though typically as a second language. Akin to Spanish.

Zarian - Language of Zaria, spoken exclusively by many Zarians, although Imperial is still commonly known among the well educated. Akin to Chinese.

Ji Lanara - An older Zarian dialect, mostly unused except for a few small communities in Zaria and Ekelon, and by some archaeologists.

Goblin - A broad collection of related dialects spoken by Goblin tribes. There are thousands of individual goblin dialects, but familiarity with the structure of the language makes learning new dialects easier.

Dakonii - Spoken by natives of the northern Sopidean colonies, but relegated to an academic language by the spread of Imperial speech.

Kalo - Language of Ekelon, Crema, and other smaller nations in the region.

Draconic - An abstract language allowing communication between hominids and the magically minded draconids. Commonly used by academics in arcane pursuits.


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