Equipment List

Hypho is a post-Enlightenment world with technology roughly akin to the late Industrial revolution. For simplicity and gameplay sake, the technology found in the campaign will be more anachronistic, including medieval weaponry and armor. If you want to buy industrial era equipment not listed here, please check with the DM.


Rifle; 25 GP, 2d6 Piercing; 8 Lbs; Ammunition (Range 80/480), Reload

Revolver; 50 GP; 2d6 Piercing; 3 Lbs; Ammunition (Range 40/120), Reload (6-Shots)

Pistol, 1-Shot; 15 GP; 2d6 Piercing; 2 Lbs; Ammunition (Range 40/120), Reload

Pistol, Derringer; 10 GP; 2d4 Piercing; 2 Lbs; Ammunition (Range 20/60), Reload

Equipment List

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