The Measure of Things

Sorrowing Sands, Chapter 2

Eight survivors of the Bloodhound spend day after day drifting across the sea. Loud, Seven, and Iddan, experienced sailors, manage to rig a makeshift sail, but progress is slow. Tensions and tempers flare on the crowded lifeboat. Fishing makes for plentiful food, but water runs low.

Finally, Puca reveals that she can product fresh water with her magic. Asked why she didn’t do so before, Puca expresses that she feared further persecution for her magic, akin to what Marconi endured. After some debate, Marconi is released from his bounds, and the survivors rejoice in their new water. Group morale improves considerably.

Three days later, land appears again. Despite reluctance after the last island, the survivors head ashore. This island is smaller than the last, with two abandoned goblin villages. The survivors split up, each half taking a different village. They find little more than trinkets at either, and remarkably few goblin corpses for what appears to be a recently raided island.

One group – Puca, Loud, Dalton, and Seven – make it to a lonely watchtower on the island. One goblin, possibly the tribe leader, remains within. After some prodding, the goblin tells the group that a fearsome hobgoblin came and made off with his people.

“I feared as much,” Maria says when the two parties meet back up. “A raid on this island, so close to the other. He came to take slaves to replace those we killed.”

Satisfied with what they’ve learned and found, the two groups meet back up and head off. Shortly after setting out, they spot sails on the horizon.


Greyflame Greyflame

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