Ten thousand miles of open sea stand between you and your desire. The waters swell and churn beneath the deck, mumbling secrets and calling you forth.

Hypho is a campaign setting designed to be played with 5th edition D&D. It has extensive lore unique to the world, and stands apart from the established Dungeons and Dragons multiverse. Players participating in the setting should familiarize themselves with how Hypho differs from traditional fantasy. See the campaign wiki.


Hypho uses D&D 5th edition core rules, plus a handful of select homebrew elements. The setting takes a minimalist approach to magic, so some races, classes, and spells are not available in Hypho. If you are unsure if something is legal, please check with the DM.

Different campaigns hosted in the setting may have their own rules, such as what level to start at and how to pick ability scores. Please see the individual campaign guides for this information.

Every campaign in Hypho uses the E6 system. This means that class levels do not exceed 6. In very rare cases, a character may reach level 7 or 8 through roleplay accomplishments significant on a global scale. Level 7 characters are often household names. Level 8 characters are immortalized in historical legend.


Sorrowing Sands


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